The Weekend Read – Traction by Gino Wickman


When Dan Sullivan, Founder of The Strategic Coach, describes a book with these words, “This book is a must for any business owner and their management team. Traction provides a powerful, practical and simple system for running your business” then you must be curious.

When the writer’s assistant gives you a copy then it would be rude not to read it. So it was that I headed home from Conation Nation in May 2015 with Traction my companion for a 14 hour journey. I don’t sleep well on aeroplanes and this was great company. Partly the book re-enforced many of my opinions about the systems needed to run a business that I first discovered about during my MBA studies with the OU and later defined as the “7 Pillars of  Successful Dental Business”. The other and better reason was that it was real that the lessons it shares are relevant to any business of any size.

Applying what Gino call the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) will help any business achieve success. The author describes his Six Key Components thus:

  • Vison
  • People
  • Data
  • Issues
  • Process
  • Traction

Finally he puts all the Components together for “The Grand Journey” which is, of course, unique for each and every business.

Yes it’s a child of a union of The E-Myth, The 7 Habits of Successful People and several other landmark business books but it’s none the worse for that and like all children it deserves its own space and will influence future generations.

I have been coaching dentists for nearly a decade and this book has been a great addition to my armoury, helping me to increase my effectiveness and thus benefit my clients.

Published by Alun Rees

Dental Business Coach. Analyst. Troubleshooter. Consultant. Writer. Presenter. Broadcaster.

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