The Good Practitioner’s Guide to Periodontology – Launched!

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-15-56-36Philip Greene changed my life in a hotel room in Leicester.

In Autumn 1987 I was having one of my off periods in my on/off affair with dentistry. I had been working as an associate in a nice new-build practice for a couple of years and was negotiating to buy a share. To my surprise the owner gave me the news that he had sold the practice and the new owners would be taking over “later that week”. The new owners sacked the two hygienists and were were soon encouraging me, “to do at least four crowns on every patient”, as I was, ” a nice guy and wouldn’t have any problem convincing them.”  I found another job, gave three months notice and was subsequently locked out, there had been a (totally false) allegation of my telling patients where I would be working next.

Move on, and I started work in the next practice, it had a new-build branch without an autoclave and a main location with no hot water…

Two courses marked that period firstly was Stockport Dental Seminars’ “Introduction to Occlusion” or the “Battle of Bolton” as it was affectionately known where Roy Higson removed many scales from my eyes. The other was Philip Greene and David Cohen’s evening on perio and endo respectively. The approach to perio was totally different from anything I had been taught as an undergraduate or that practised in any of the practices where I had worked.

I bought 6 CPITN (aka BPE) probes, they were the only ones in the practises where I worked, and set about examing people for signs of periodontal disease. I was a convert, the new zealot took the very first BUOLD course in periodontology with the wonderfully outspoken Marsh Midda and Jerry Rees, joined the BSP and eventually married a hygienist!

I still treasure Jan Lindhe’s textbook and also Colgate’s literature on examining and diagnosing.

So I was delighted to see that the BSP have launched The Good Practitioner’s Guide to Periodontology. It is available as a PDF here and online here. Do take the time to take a look and even consider joining a society that has always been relevant but is most definitely on the up.

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