“This year 6 US citizens won Nobel prizes. And every one of them was an immigrant….

2016-nobel-laureates“This year 6 US citizens won Nobel prizes. And every one of them was an immigrant. Every one of them.”

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And some of them have started pointing this out – while politicians on both side of the Atlantic trade in anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Continues here.

My mother was an immigrant, the vast majority of boys in my school had parents or grandparents who were immigrants or names that reflected origins outside the UK as it stood then.

I read Robert Winder’s book, Bloody Foreigners, when it was first released and I have re-read much of it over the past 6 months, here’s what the Sunday Times said about it:

The story of the way Britain has been settled and influenced by foreign people and ideas is as old as the land itself. In this original, important and inspiring book, Robert Winder tells of the remarkable migrations that have founded and defined a nation.

‘Our aristocracy was created by a Frenchman, William the Conqueror, who also created our medieval architecture, our greatest artistic glory. Our royal family is German, our language a bizarre confection of Latin, Saxon and, latterly, Indian and American. Our shops and banks were created by Jews. We did not stand alone against Hitler; the empire stood beside us. And our food is, of course, anything but British . . . Winder has a thousand stories to tell and he tells them well’ Sunday Times.


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