The new reformation or just a course adjustment?

The university must be the site of the next Reformation – here’s why.

“Nevertheless, both students and their potential employers are led to believe that academic credentials confer on students that what they have learned at university constitutes knowledge that is more durable than it really is. And all of this is made possible simply because self-certifying “knowledgeable” people – in other words, academics – have said so…”

.”..The financial interest of academics in continuing to promote this idea – from the beleaguered lecturer to the over-remunerated vice chancellor – should be obvious. Perhaps only slightly less obvious is why students continue to believe it.”

This piece from “The Conversation” made me wonder (even more) about the role of universities now and in the future. Referring to universities as businesses and education as an industry as has happened over the past couple of decades has made me question the fundamentals of the need for universities in general and in particular in what I know best.

Should they be a “right of passage” or an extension of school or just a way of increasing the indebtedness of the individual and the country as a whole? Is the whole thing with massively expanding campuses, huge competition for students and vice-chancellors being feted with large salaries just an edifice waiting to implode? Has the expansion really improved the education of our young people or is it a way of moving them from 18 to 21 to keep them out of unemployment?

Only some of this is covered in Steve Fuller’s piece but it’s worth a read.


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