What’s going on at MPS/DPS?

Doctors at medical defence organisation face redundancy

The Medical Protection Society is considering making several of its medically qualified legal advisers redundant and replacing them with other “experts” to speed up its response to queries. Rob Hendry, its medical director, said, “Members would benefit from having doctors, lawyers, case advisers, and managers all in one team, focused on getting the best outcome for them.” He said that if the proposals were implemented the staff reduction would be “limited,” although he could not provide numbers because the consultation process was ongoing. The society employs 49 doctors as advisers. 



Mass departures since Dental Protection changes

Senior dentists are being phased out of Dental Protection as ‘whole team’ approach is phased in.

Five senior dentists who between them have more than 90 years’ experience advising dental professionals have left Dental Protection in the last few months.

Most of the departures from the UK’s largest indemnity organisation were sudden, prompting concern among colleagues and members.

Those who have left are Sue Willatt, head of dental services, Sue Boynton, head of dental services for Ireland, Lynn Rees, senior dentolegal adviser, Stephen Henderson, senior dentolegal adviser and head of services in Hong Kong and David Croser, communications manager – all have been contacted but said they could not comment.

Asked why there had been no announcement about some of the departures, Dr Rattan said: ‘It would not be appropriate to comment on the circumstances of individuals, but we wish those who have recently left us well in the future and thank them for their strong contribution to protecting dentists.’

continues here: Dentistry

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