“Seasonal Associate’s” Greetings to Amazon.

We want the service but we don’t want our children to work there.

A review in the FT of “Seasonal Associate” by Heike Geissler – available from all good bookshops…

“…..This is one of the themes of the book: how it feels to work in a job that has no use for your sparks of humanity, and will certainly be done by a robot as soon as it makes financial sense. The feeling seems to rub off on how people treat each other. Towards the end of her stint at Amazon, Geissler’s protagonist wants to hug a new colleague, Melly, who says hello and offers her name. “Until that moment no one working near you has even introduced themselves.” The same day, a woman in a green security vest appears and rummages in the recycling box, checking that her colleagues haven’t hidden anything in there to smuggle out. She doesn’t even look at them…”

…”For Henry Ford the fact that workers were also consumers was a reason to double his employees pay in 1914, so they could afford the cars they were making. Today, for jobs at the bottom of the economy, it feels like that process has shuddered into reverse.”…

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