The best is yet to come, with edit…

My first posting on this blog was on 14th May 2008. To date there have been 1,558 published entries spread over those 3885 days, that works out at one every 2.5 days or thereabouts, (another 3885 days will take us to 22nd August 2029). To quote Andi McDowell that may be “a fair run”, less than many but a lot more than some. I hope to increase the frequency and always strive for quality.

For the most part, this blog has been about my work, thoughts and influences. I have attempted to include links to sources that I hope my readers will find interesting, informative or even entertaining.

There has been some, but less, about the other “stuff” in my life. I’m going to change that to a certain extent to include more of my personal activities, beliefs and influences.

In the opening entry I described myself as:

Alun Rees, Professional Coach, Dentist, Speaker, Writer & Broadcaster.

Dentistry is not a career you can dabble with, so I have not been registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) since the end of 2013, therefore I am forbidden from describing myself as a dentist (so Dentist), my medical contemporaries who have retired from practice are allowed to keep their place on the medical register but marked as “retired”.

The other descriptions still apply and I am more active than ever with all four. Coaching can be something of a fluid activity and certainly takes in elements of Consulting, Mentoring, Advising and Training depending upon what is appropriate for the needs of the individual client or clients. Whilst I work mostly with Dentists I do apply the same principles to other walks of life and to life itself and I am not tied to dentistry.

I went on to say:

In this blog I will include:

  • Observations from my working & personal life.
  • Links with other sites & blogs that I hope you will find of interest.
  • References to my mentors, teachers & other individuals who have inspired me.
  • Reviews of books that I have found influential.
I hope that I have fulfilled all those promises to a greater or lesser extent.
I concluded:
I will be delighted to hear from you so please feel free to post.
That definitely still applies.
I said in the title of this blog, “The Best Is Yet To Come” – it’s pointless feeling any other way. If you feel that your best is behind you it’s time to change something in your professional life. (Perhaps you need a coach?)

Published by Alun Rees

Dental Business Coach. Analyst. Troubleshooter. Consultant. Writer. Presenter. Broadcaster.

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