5 Harsh Truths

I read many blogs, articles and books. Often I come across an idea, principle or thought that I know I have read somewhere else but the writer claims is original. I’m not talking about stealing secrets or blatant plagiarism – if you steal from one person it’s plagiarism, steal from many it’s research. I do try to acknowledge my sources, often when I post here I’ll provide a link to the original if I am able to remember it.

Today is no exception, this comes from Daniel Priestly’s blog. written in 2016. It applies to many people I meet who seem to think that success is an overnight phenomenon. 

Daniel Priestley’s Harsh Truths: 

  1. It’s hard and it get’s harder. You’re taking on peoples problems. You are taking on problems for your customers, for your staff, for your family and ultimately yourself.
  2. No one is coming to save you. Removing the hope that someone is coming to save you leaves you with the realisation that this business is in your hands.
  3. There’s no big wins only incremental progress. The good news is that soon as you accept that progress is all that’s needed you can keep moving forward and stop getting distracted.
  4. In order to do the work you love, you have to win the work. As soon as you accept this idea, winning business becomes fun.
  5. No one thing will work. There’s no fool proof system, there’s no magic bullet and there’s no people who just work hard without leadership. Every system will need to be refined, every cutting edge strategy will become common place, every hot product will cool off, every ace team member will need training.

“The main thing that makes business miserable is false expectations. If you want it to be easy, it gets damn hard. Paradoxically, If you embrace the struggle, it’s loads of fun.”




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