24th September 2020

I’m embracing change and experimenting with new formats, the blog today and in the future will have more snippets, links and shorter stories. The intention is to reflect more about the world in which we live, my influences, interests and information that I can share. The podcast is going to evolve as well, but not until early October when the next season starts.

My congratulations to Eddie Crouch who has been elected the new chair of the British Dental Association’s Principal Executive Committee. These are challenging times for everyone involved in the world of Dentistry and I have no doubt that Eddie will provide good leadership. Good luck Eddie. He said, “My responsibility is to listen and to lead. I intend to work with staff and representatives from across the profession in all four nations to set a direction that improves on the benefits our members enjoy, secures the future of the organisation and builds its influence. And now, more than ever, it means providing an Association that colleagues want to be a part of.” Full story here

This quote about Eleanor Roosevelt reflects where I am in my life at the moment. “ER said the same thing, as long as there were still things to do, as long as her life had a purpose, she wanted to keep living. As soon as there stopped being a purpose, she wanted to die, and she did.” The quote came from Dave Winer’s blog, Scripting News. He says of himself, “I have no time to think about what happened in the past, except in ways it makes me wiser about things I do now and in the future, and if it makes people more open to the idea that I might be doing something of significance. Having recently toyed with idea of “retirement” I can agree with that, what would I do except what I enjoy and find interesting?

RIP Harold Evans. I am old enough to remember the colour supplements first appearing in the Sunday Papers. For a brief period in my late teens I managed to persuade my father to buy The Sunday Times, which Evans edited for 14 years, and I paid for The Observer; I spent all day on a Sunday immersed in them, it’s fair to say many of my attitudes and opinions were formed in those days in the late 60s/early 70s. I admired him more when I read that the reason he left the Times, having been appointed by Rupert Murdoch, was because of his opinion of Margaret Thatcher. Reuters obituary here.

A piece of music now and then does nobody any harm – I have loved this since I first heard it on an album called the John Renbourn Sampler, bought in a sale in WHS York in 1972.

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