Eddie Van Halen’s death from oral cancer

….when it was announced that Eddie Van Halen had died from metastatic throat cancer at the age of 65…his death marked the end of a 20-year battle against cancer that, as he told Billboard in 2015, included a partial removal of his tongue (partial glossectomy) for tongue cancer. The cancer had already spread to his throat and esophagus at the time.

Eddie Van Halen’s death is a reminder to all of us just how deadly oral cancer is, and why dental professionals should be educating patients on its dangers and evaluating them for the disease every time they sit in the chair. Many of your patients (and many of you) could also be teenagers of the 1980s who played air guitar along with Van Halen. Much like Chadwick Boseman’s death opened up a conversation about screening for colorectal cancer, Eddie Van Halen’s death could well present an opportunity to talk to your patients more about oral cancer, as well as HPV and the effects of smoking and smokeless tobacco.

From Kevin Henry, Bicuspid.com Editor in Chief. Full Article Here

As a PS to this, in 1984 Van Halen’s Jump followed me round the world, there wasn’t a town in a country that I visited in a 4 month trip where I didn’t hear it. From California and Hawaii, through 5 of the 6 states of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand it followed me on radio, cafes, bars, buses and cars. I bought my first Sony (Radio/Cassette) Walkman just before flying home and it was the first song I heard when I tuned into BBC Radio 0ne on my return. Still a great song. RIP Eddie.

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