Oblique Strategies…or what to do when you get stuck.

I am a great admirer of Brian Eno’s work, both what he does and how he does it. A unique individual and also an excellent collaborator, not always easy to be good at both. Some people know him as part of the original Roxy Music, some due to his producing credits, others for his “ambient” – way too small a word – music. His 1996 memoir, A year with swollen appendices is a fascinating read and gave me some insight into the way he works. One of his collaborations, Oblique Strategies, is used regularly in the Woodshed here at ReesAcres.

Here’s how Eno’s website describes them: Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. In 1975, Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno created the original pack of Oblique Strategies cards, through thinking about approaches to their own work as artist and musician. The Oblique Strategies constitute a set of over 100 cards, each of which is a suggestion of a course of action or thinking to assist in creative situations. These famous cards have been used by many artists and creative people all over the world since their initial publication.

When I get stuck I turn to the box. Sometimes when I am coaching clients, I will pull a card from the box for inspiration and share what it says. I have one favourite, permanently on view, which never fails to get me off my backside or (to quote Hemingway) to apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair. Today is one of those days.

210428 – #1855

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