“Facebook Is an Authoritarian State”

Increasingly I have been calling myself “The antidote to (Dental) Business Coaches”, not because I am anti “coaching” per se, that’s another story, rather because it is an area that is being dominated or at least heavily influenced by shouty marketeers. These individuals seem to think that success depends upon attracting an endless supply of consumers (vs patients) who will buy “things” as opposed to skills and service. The majority of their marketing seems to depend upon social media, where the biggest player, of course, is Facebook. Occasionally I turn off my ad-blockers to experience the sheer p-i-a of the experience. Of course my marketing friends (the majority of whom I know to have far more to their skills than jumping on to bandwagons) assure me that “I am not the target audience”. …but I often wonder if that is the case, why are they aiming at me?

The piece below is from John Naughton’s blog this morning.

Facebook is acting like a hostile foreign power; it’s time we treated it that way, writes Adrienne LaFrance in The Atlantic.

Mark Zuckerberg, unlike Einstein, did not dream up Facebook out of a sense of moral duty, or a zeal for world peace. This summer, the population of Zuckerberg’s supranational regime reached 2.9 billion monthly active users, more humans than live in the world’s two most populous nations—China and India—combined.

To Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, they are citizens of Facebookland. Long ago he conspicuously started calling them “people” instead of “users,” but they are still cogs in an immense social matrix, fleshy morsels of data to satisfy the advertisers that poured $54 billion into Facebook in the first half of 2021 alone—a sum that surpasses the gross domestic products of most nations on Earth.

GDP makes for a telling comparison, not just because it gestures at Facebook’s extraordinary power, but because it helps us see Facebook for what it really is. Facebook is not merely a website, or a platform, or a publisher, or a social network, or an online directory, or a corporation, or a utility. It is all of these things. But Facebook is also, effectively, a hostile foreign power.

An interesting way of viewing the corporation. Thomas Hobbes would have seen it that way too.

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