BDA issues new dental public health warning

BDA issues new dental public health warning A Government commitment to improve the oral health of the youngest children could be jeopardised if the shortfall in the dental public health workforce is not addressed, the British Dental Association (BDA) has warned. Despite previous assurances that the many gaps in the Consultant in Dental Public HealthContinue reading “BDA issues new dental public health warning”

Stafford etc

The Francis report on Stafford Hospitals has left guilty parties still in post, promoted, retired or in the case of Andy Burnham making as much noise as possible to divert attention from the fact that he was responsible for approving the Foundation Trust status. Much has been written, a lot of it by peopleContinue reading “Stafford etc”

NHS & PFI: Please do not cry!

I am no apologist for private medicine, the little bit of the NHS with which I am most familiar – dental practice – isĀ  very efficient and mostly responsible. This is because the people who are taking the risk and providing the resources are the business owners or their direct employees. Frequently the larger theContinue reading “NHS & PFI: Please do not cry!”