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The Francis report on Stafford Hospitals has left guilty parties still in post, promoted, retired or in the case of Andy Burnham making as much noise as possible to divert attention from the fact that he was responsible for approving the Foundation Trust status.

Much has been written, a lot of it by people who should know better, who were aware of what was happening but were caught up in the target driven culture of the DoH. I hope a lot of them will be taking a long hard look at themselves and asking if they chose to stay quiet for an easier life – only they will know.

This piece in The Times from a few weeks ago would be almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

We must sell healthcare to the whole world
Dr Mark Britnell, global chairman of health for KPMG and former NHS chief executive, and director-general of the Department of Health, writes in today’s Times how the NHS can export its superiority in health and life sciences for the benefit of humanity and Britain.  He writes that the UK provides world-class treatment for injured Armed Forces personnel; has invented, among other things, MRI, CT and IVF; and has won 34 Nobel prizes for medicine, so the NHS has much to shout about and export.  Dr Britnell describes how India, over time, would need an extra 300,000 doctors and 1.5 million nurses educated and trained, and how our historic relations with India mean Britain is well-placed to export such world-class education and research on an industrial scale. He also points to China’s call for the creation of thousands of hospitals and investment at an unprecedented level as a further opportunity to sell NHS experience, as Britain has already agreed to train hospital managers in China.  Dr Britnell concludes that “A strong and confident NHS can fly the flag for Great Britain and generate much-needed health and wealth.”

As Nigel Lawson said in his memoirs, the NHS is the closest thing that the English have to a religion and to criticise any part of it from altar boy to archbishop is tantamount to sacrilege. The Olympic opening hype didn’t help. I grew up  having fear but little respect for the Roman Catholic clergy – many years later I was shown to be right to have had suspicions of the organisational denial of the church.

In the same way to criticise the NHS is seen to be wrong – why? Do the articles below suggest that all is rosey in the NHS church? I could go on but find the subject upsetting.

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