What have I learned, the 2003 version.

Ten years ago when I was considering “my future” I was encouraged by my coach to write, “the story so far and what have I learned”. I won’t share most of it (way too inward looking and indulgent). But this list I am happy to repeat.

What have I learned:

  • Dentistry is a bloody hard choice…
  • …as is any single handed professional practice.
  • You can’t hope to be all things to all men and to try will test your sanity.
  • Its way too easy to let the slowest ship decide the speed of the convoy.
  • In general, “healthcare” has little to do with care and even less to do with health.
  • The delivery system of dentistry is wrong – a lot more would best being done by more, shorter trained, people.
  • Delegation is vital but supervision more so.
  • Trust your instincts – act sooner rather than later.
  • Don’t do things because you think you ought to or because you think it’s expected of you.

The 2013 version will be along soon.


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