Tea Pillow?

The renaming of what most of us would call a tea bag into a “Hand-Stitched Tea Pillow” smacks of a very long lunch in the marketing department. Nice tea though.

The Monday Morning Quote #518

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy.

Do what is great while it is small.”

Sun Tzu

Cork Airport Hotel…the personal touch

I usually stay at the airport hotel because I have an early flight to the UK – or further. This time I had an evening meeting in Cork City and have a mid-morning flight today (snow permitting). It was a pleasure to find this card on my bed when I arrived yesterday. Better than chocolates. The team here are great, anyone who has read tales of my travel cockups will know that I sometimes don’t get things “quite” right – they have sorted me out on more than one occasion.

This shows a personal touch – even if it is a system, it’s a nice system.

The Monday Morning Quote #517

“You will remembered, in the long haul, for the quality of your work, not the quantity of your work.

No one evaluates Picasso on the number of paintings he churned out.”

Tom Peters

Mary Oliver RIP

….Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver RIP

From “The Summer Day”


Perhaps just remove my head from my own backside long enough to engage….

“As I begin 2019 I wonder how I might introduce to my own clinical space some of the human warmth I felt among those brave, breathless singers. Bring biscuits? Offer a choice of music from my phone?

Or perhaps just remove my head from my own backside long enough to engage meaningfully for a while with each of my patients, before reaching for the reassuring anonymity of my knife.”

Full article here.

Gabriel Weston writing on the joy of singing and how it is helping patients with COPD.

Scottish, British, whatever. Chumbawumba.

Many sports journalists and “fans” (I use the word guardedly) seem to love building individuals up and then knocking them down. It’s OK for someone to sweat blood for their sport, practice for hours, put up with injuries, defeats, interviewers who ask the same inane questions and then snide comments about whether they are dedicated or talented enough. Then when they are champions through their own talent and hard work they are lauded by the same people.

Then often knocked down again. Kicked and abused on social media.

In Andy Murray’s case the joke was “Scottish when he loses, British when he wins”. Could he have done any more? No. Was he the best to come out of the UK? Almost certainly. Does he deserve everything he has obtained? Without a doubt.

For Murray read Froome, Wiggins, even Paula Radcliffe.

The Economist has written a good piece on his retirement, which will be sooner rather later. Our loss as well as yours. Thanks for the edge of the seat matches, the pleasure of watching and enjoying and sometimes not being able to do either (a hedge was trimmed during the Olympic final) and have a great rest of your life Andy. You did it and we didnae’.


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