Douglas Adams was so, so right.

A few weeks ago I posted a Douglas Adams quote on the Monday Morning Quote slot. Like most of us I use a computer for several hours every day. I use Skype for calls with my clients and sometimes (with permission) record them using a programme called, simply enough, “Call Recorder”. At midnight IContinue reading “Douglas Adams was so, so right.”

Don’t turn left, or should that be right?

Ever Notice That UPS Trucks Rarely Make Left Turns? From The Washington Post An estimated 90% of the turns made by UPS delivery trucks are right turns, and that’s intentional, according to the Washington Post. Left turns are seen as inefficient, because they leave trucks sitting in traffic longer. The logistics company says a policyContinue reading “Don’t turn left, or should that be right?”

“My Dentist 3D Printed My Crown” – To see ourselves as others see us.

From HBR Blog Network – My Dentist 3D Printed My Crown. Link As a tech junkie and geek wannabe I’ve been paying attention to 3D printing and the exploding maker movement. When I say paying attention, I mean reading about it, watching hackers and hobbyists make stuff, and wondering if there is more to theContinue reading ““My Dentist 3D Printed My Crown” – To see ourselves as others see us.”

The Weekend Read – Do No Harm by Henry Marsh

This is a wonderful book. Henry Marsh tells stories, his own, his patients’, his profession’s and the creaking political football of the system. I regret that I waited until the paperback was available before I read it. He writes with wonderful candour about the decisions that are needed when dealing with surgery in the mostContinue reading “The Weekend Read – Do No Harm by Henry Marsh”

Two more authors of iconic riffs passed on this week.

Firstly, Raphael Ravenscroft who played that saxophone riff on Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street died last Sunday. He received a cheque for £27 which he said was bounced by the bank – he framed it and hung it the wall. Rafferty was reported to be earning £80K a year from the song at the time ofContinue reading “Two more authors of iconic riffs passed on this week.”

Dentists have last laugh over sneering Keynes

From Monday’s Financial Times letters page. Dentists have last laugh over sneering Keynes Sir, Your editorial “A Nobel award for work of true economic value” (October 15) cites the witty and memorable line of J M Keynes about wishing that economists could be “humble, competent people, on a level with dentists”, which concludes his provocative 1930Continue reading “Dentists have last laugh over sneering Keynes”

The Daily Grind – for the nth time.

An article in the London Evening Standard about the character Carrie Mathison in Homeland made me think. Firstly. About the incidence of pain in teeth, face and head that can be related to over active muscles of mastication and bruxism. I learnt a huge amount about occlusion during the last recession in the late 80sContinue reading “The Daily Grind – for the nth time.”