Douglas Adams was so, so right.

A few weeks ago I posted a Douglas Adams quote on the Monday Morning Quote slot.

Like most of us I use a computer for several hours every day.

I use Skype for calls with my clients and sometimes (with permission) record them using a programme called, simply enough, “Call Recorder”.

At midnight I had an email from Ecamm – the producers of Call Recorder telling me that, “Earlier this week, Skype released version 7.1. The update introduced an incompatibility with Call Recorder, which can result in a crash when opening Skype for users running OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). We apologize for the inconvenience.”  but all is well because, “Fortunately, updating to Call Recorder v2.5.12 fixes this issue.”

I downloaded the update and installed it.

Opened Skype but Skype won’t let me in, I am attempting the wrong combination of username and / or password. (Trust me, I know that I am not). OK I accept you want me to change my password – no problem.

I click the “problem signing in button”.

Now apparently my Adobe Flash Player is out of date.

Downloaded and attempted to update – oops forgot to close my browser, sorry.

OK, no thank you Adobe I don’t want any other products, I didn’t even know I had wanted this one until I was told.

Back to Skype recovery, they want my email address which, like most people’s involves their name. My name is Alun Rees (but of course it’s “all one word”) so alunrees, nope, Skype sign in wants me to change it to ‘allures’. If my parents wanted a boy called allures they would have given me that name, I have survived for 6 decades with the 8 letters I was given, why should I change?

Third time of trying it allows me to use my own name and then permits me to change the password.

So now Skype will work with Call Recorder when I next want to record a call.

I did notice that the improved Skype 7.1 has the heavy hand of Microsoft all over it – time to move to a different VOIP provider I think.

The Adams quote was: “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.” I think he had been there don’t you?

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