The CQC and Mumsnet…

local_logoCQClogo2I’m not sure what to think about this to be honest. On the one hand the CQC really must listen to opinions from patients (as opposed to “consumers of services”, however they have had such an appalling introduction to dentistry and general medical practice where it is quite clear that not only did they fail to understand the professions and they way that they functioned but they also brought with them preconceptions about the “services”.

Their opening statement doesn’t do any favours; “we believe passionately etc etc” is just the usual verbiage that we have come to expect from government departments who are already agenda driven. There isn’t enough money for the universal care that they suggest is or should be available for all from the great British religion that is the NHS, but no one has the guts to admit it.

Asking for on-line opinions does tend to bring out the trolls, gives oxygen to people with an axe to grind or just allows those with a dislike / resentment of dentistry to have a go.

Some of the comments reflect the lack of understanding of the NHS regulations, dentists’ training, changes in contracts and the benefits of private dentistry.

On the flip side it also shows how poor many practices are at communicating effectively with their patients.

The survey is here. Take a look and make a comment, you might win £100 for your favourite charity.



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