Dental Showcase Day 1

logoA few thoughts after what seemed to be a very quiet day at BDIA Dental Showcase at the NEC.

It seems that Day 1 is “buyers’ day”, several people told me that they had met with customers who had come prepared with a shopping list and placed big orders.

Day 2 is “Team Day” when Dentists cloes their practices and give their staff a treat by taking them to the NEC.

Day 3 was described to me as “Buggy Day” featuring the sight of dental parents and their offspring blocking the aisles, loading the carrier bags onto the handles of the baby buggies. The result is they can’t let go of the buggy handles as the thing will tip backwards.

What did I see? A few picks. SFD – Systems For Dentists – continues to impress me, since I first played with their product half a dozen years ago they have continued to make steady progress. They are a firm that talks your language, doesn’t try to impress with jargon or clever but pointless features. The software does what it is supposed to do without fuss and is very reasonably priced.

A new treatment for clenching, grinding and associated problems was being launched by Renew Health Ltd, it’s called Cerezan and works by using a small, custom made insert in each ear. Take a look here.

I picked up an excellent little text book, Getting What You Want From Orthodontics, from the Wired Orthodontics stand. Wired, The Artisans of Orthodontics, is run by Specialist Orthodontist Ian Hutchinson and Laboratory owner Sue Bessant. In a world that is full of systems making all sorts of claims – especially get rich quick – the teaching, training and support provided by Wired is good to see. I am fortunate to work with two of their “graduates” and know how much they appreciate their time spent.

The two big Dental Charities continue to do their great work with both Bridge2Aid and Dentaid having stands.

The BDA seemed to be busy pushing a “system” rather than attracting new members and listening to their current ones, but there was a welcome.

I dropped in at the GDPUK “seating area” and took advantage of the chance to rest my legs for 10 minutes. Presumably the members were all busy in their virtual world as nobody joined me – I’ll try again today.

Practice Plan’s Business of Dentistry theatre seemed to be busy all day and as ever their people were welcoming.

Had a few interesting conversations with solicitors agents and accountants who are in a position to see changes happening through the sales of Dental Businesses.

Towards the end of the day and people were starting to unwind – helped by some fizz from DPAS and a glass of beer at the FMC “pub”.

One notable absentee this year is GSK. The company behind Sensodyne, Corsodyl and Aquafresh doesn’t have a presence, shame.

More tomorrow – enjoy your day.

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