Dental Showcase Day 2

IMG_0742The photograph above is of the entrance tunnel to the exhibition hall, I heard it called disturbing, weird, uncomfortable and off putting. It reminded me of an 80s pop music video with something of David Bowie’s Stage about it.

On my second day I enjoyed several successful meetings and had some time to catch up with friends and colleagues. Amongst the conversations were a few of the “what the hell did they think they were doing?” and “how can they get away with that?” with Jonathan Jacobs. Stories of broken partnerships and misunderstandings that could and should have been avoided by conversations at the start of a relationship whether business or clinical.

Thirty odd years ago I was “turned on” to perio by the late Marsh Midda, John Zamet and Bernie Keiser, I was considered odd by some of my turbine toting contemporaries. I presumed that by now, with caries under control, all hygienists would be fully booked and at the heart of every practice. According to the BSP it seems that a large number of dentists still don’t do the BPE as a matter of routine and screen for periodontal disease with their eyes only. Two concerns, firstly there is the obvious clinical one of under-diagnosis and second why let work, cash and profit walk out of the doors?

At the far end of the hall were the booths where societies including ADAM, the BSP, BSDHT, BADN and Dental Fusion had representatives. These volunteers do great work on behalf of their members and are well worth taking the time to visit.

I dropped in for a catch up with Ian Pinner of Ceramic Systems, CADCAM and Cerec is alive, well and flourishing I’m pleased to say. Yet again I am forced to eat my words of two decades ago when my uncle described CADCAM and its use in engineering to me. “That would work well in dentistry” he said, “I very much doubt it” was my reply. Wrong for not the first, nor the last, time.

After my comments yesterday about the BDA, I spent some time having BDA Expert demonstrated to me, it’s impressive and all the better for being easily accessible on-line. I still think they (I know that should be “we” as I’m a Branch President) could and should do more to try to attract new members.

Once again towards the end of the day neatly branded FMC Bar was welcoming, there is a great sense of professionalism in everything that FMC does.IMG_0739

I spent the evening at the Bridge2Aid Bash. At the supporters’ reception before the “Bash”, Mark Topley gave an excellent summary of the charity’s work and future plans. His passion for the “project” is clearly undiminished.IMG_0743

At the end of the night I was fortunate enough to be able to cadge a lift back to my hotel in downtown Birmingham – thanks to Richard from taxis4coaches.

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