The Weekend Read – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

My intention with the first blog of the year was to describe the New Year Swim in Glandore Harbour in aid of the RNLI. This is a great community event that I have joined in for the past dozen years or so where any hangovers are removed in the chilly water. To see the need for a local boat read this report of a tragedy that might have been averted. This year with a South Easterly wind blowing in excess of 40 miles per hour it would not have been safe. Take a look for yourself:

(Apologies for dodgy audio – I am a novice at playing with video.)

So as an alternative I’ll give a mention to a book that is good to read at this time of year when change and resolutions are in the air – which usually change by January 24th apparently. “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

I am often in two minds about the format of a self-improvement book that takes the form of a novel, but this one tells its simple story well with the two sympathetic main characters. At the risk of being a plot spoiler the tale is of two “high-powered” US lawyers one of whom has acted as a mentor to the other in their profession. The senior of the two, Julian, suffers a heart attack in court, recovers, leaves his job and then disappears for several years to explore Northern India. He reappears and passes on the wisdom he has learned to the junior character, John, who by now is immersed himself in the money driven business of legal practice.

Of course we tend to put ourselves in John’s place and want to learn the lessons that will lead us to a better life. Well several million people have bought this book and quite a few have gone as far as reading it. I have several friends who are working their way through the exercises during January and I have taken the opportunity to re-read it. I bought and first read it in April 2005 when I was in the final stages of selling my practice, at that time I think I was so stressed out that the lessons passed me by.

It’s a great little book with plenty in it to make you stop and consider your own position in the world, what it is that you are seeking and whether you are on the right path to realise your ambitions. Julian’s lessons will help you to:

  • Develop joyful thoughts.
  • Follow your life’s mission.
  • Cultivate self-discipline and act courageously.
  • Value time as your most important commodity.
  • Nourish your relationships.
  • Live fully, one day at a time.

What’s not to learn?

Robin Sharma is a great teacher and his website, downloads and blogposts, will I’m sure interest you.

 The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is available from The Book Depository.

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