Climate & Cars

A couple of links on climate change and the rise of electric cars. The solutions are never straightforward. From the always readable and challenging “Imagine (the planet with climate action)”, the weekly journal from The Conversation comes a few questions: Will we get to net zero by 2050? How does global carbon removal work? CanContinue reading “Climate & Cars”

US Dental Benefits on the Cusp…..

From the Financial Times and behind a paywall….my verdict on this…I’ll believe it when I see it. Barbers went on pulling teeth long after doctors monopolised surgery on other parts of the body. The divide between dentists and the rest of the medical profession persisted into the 21st century where it is baked into theContinue reading “US Dental Benefits on the Cusp…..”

Dental Associates – Tax Status

The dental community, like other groups can be described in these words, “There three types of people in the world, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who say, “what happened?”. The winds of change have been threatening the default status of dental associates for a decade and a halfContinue reading “Dental Associates – Tax Status”

The trap of perfectionism

One of my roles with clients could be described as “reassurance”, defined as the action of removing someone’s doubts or fears. I doubt that I ever completely remove anyone’s doubts but I hope I help to reduce, if not eliminate, their fears. Dentists increasingly work within silos, although peer review is encouraged I don’t believeContinue reading “The trap of perfectionism”

Time to take gum disease seriously: The societal and economic impact of periodontitis

From Economist Impact – Good to see Perio getting serious attention. This report describes the methods and main findings from The Economist Intelligence Unit’s research which assesses the evidence linking improved periodontal health to better overall health outcomes, and showcases the economic and societal implications associated with periodontal health across six European countries: France, Germany,Continue reading “Time to take gum disease seriously: The societal and economic impact of periodontitis”

“Facebook Is an Authoritarian State”

Increasingly I have been calling myself “The antidote to (Dental) Business Coaches”, not because I am anti “coaching” per se, that’s another story, rather because it is an area that is being dominated or at least heavily influenced by shouty marketeers. These individuals seem to think that success depends upon attracting an endless supply ofContinue reading ““Facebook Is an Authoritarian State””

The Monday Morning Quote #678

A few on the subject of change….thanks to Dr Mardy for the inspiration ….and material. “To change one’s life:  1. Start immediately.  2. Do it flamboyantly.  3. No exceptions.”  – William James “You can’t change people,but you can effect a change in them by your behavior.” — GARRISON WYNN “Whereas I formerly believed it toContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #678”